23.03.2020 | Campaign „HELP FOR HELPERS“ of the Salvia enterprise group - Hotel Eislinger Tor

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PRESS RELEASE from March 23, 2020

“Nurses, doctors and helpers are doing something extraordinary for society during this time. We would also like to make our contribution to coping with the crisis and support the above-average commitment of these heroes. We also want to invite older people to take part in the campaign, ”says Filippo Salvia, founder of the same named group. The electrical engineering company Salvia Elektro, the Hotel Eislinger Tor and the Restaurant Opera all belong to the Salvia enterprise group based in Eislingen. Together they decided to support the occupation groups that were particularly challenged during the corona pandemic by serving and delivering Italian dishes.

“We are currently facing very major entrepreneurial and social challenges. As a family company that feels particularly committed to its employees and their families, we responded early internally and took every conceivable measure to protect them. But we also feel very committed to the region and are now making a virtue of necessity, ”explains Dirk Jannausch, Managing Director of the Salvia Group.

The idea is simple. Due to the current situation, the Hotel Eislinger Tor has free personnel capacities in the hotel and catering industry. “With our campaign” HELP FOR HELPERS “we want to make your everyday life easier during this time. You are there for the people in the region and WE are very happy to be there for YOU, ”says Andreas Brucker, Project Development Hotel & Event“ BUNTWEBEREI ”. The restaurant team at Opera takes care of the dishes. Host Roberto Barbusca is very solidary: “I see what’s going on in Italy, my home. With our commitment we want to help the “helpers” to do their job for the sick and the elderly. We will prepare different pasta and pizza dishes every day, also in a vegetarian version. And at our usual high level. The meals are ready for collection at the agreed time in the Opera restaurant in the Hotel Eislinger Tor, and the Salvia Elektro trainees will also deliver for you! ”.

The personal contribution is simple: the meals are free, but everyone is free to give what they think is appropriate. The entire income is then donated to a regional, charitable organization.

Key facts:

A warm meal (pizza & pasta) for all social professions and older citizens

From Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, every day from Monday to Sunday

Daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at: 07161 – 945 00 100

Daily 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

If necessary after prior arrangement by phone: 07161 – 945 00 100

Hotel Eislinger Tor, entrance to the Opera restaurant
Gutenbergstrasse 1
73054 Eislingen

Salvia Elektro
Gutenbergstrasse 1, 73054 Eislingen
Telephone: 07161-6520-429
Email: s.geiger@sa-elektro.de

Hotel Eislinger Tor & Restaurant Opera
Gutenbergstrasse 1, 73054 Eislingen
Telephone: 07161-945-00 151
Email: andreas.brucker@hotel-eislinger-tor.de;

Press contact:
Stephanie Geiger
Telephone: 07161-6520-429
Email: s.geiger@sa-elektro.de

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